Our experts have developed the best fraud prevention scenario by using the foremost practices existing in the industry, analyzing data transaction. And continue to update it according to the new trends that appear in the payment world. We help our merchants to define their individual risk settings that will ensure optimal protection against attempted fraudulent transactions within their account.


We are dedicated to providing globally the best and most secure online payment methods. This is the reason why we've added additional layers of fraud protection for Visa and MasterCard payments. We integrate with banks that offer 3D Secure processing through our PCI compliant payment gateway. The merchants that want to process using 3D Secure, should make sure to specifically ask for a 3D Secure merchant account.


Our API Integration documentation helps the merchants to integrate our system onto their site efficiently. Detailed API integration Documentation is provided so the merchants have all the information they need for a secure and successful software integration. Additionally, each merchant can contact our support team for extra technical assistance throughout the integration process.


The merchant’s success is our aim. That is why we have developed a great reporting tool that provides a full overview of all transactions which allows the opportunity to analyze the payment process for optimizational potential. We offer real-time information on all transactions, a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to compile personalized reports, easy export for further processing and analyzing in all common file formats, flexible search and filter functions that can adapt the output of the data according to the merchant’s needs.


We offer the basic set of rules that allows the merchants to reduce the fraudulent activity within their account. The system is developed so that it offers the high possibility to personalize any set of rules so it will meet the merchant’s needs accordingly.


Our Support Team is here for you! Our experienced experts will provide the best assistance to the merchants in all stages of the cooperation, integration and processing by telephone /sms/ ticketing system/ chat in any language. We are happy to provide for all our merchants excellent service!


Our multi-currency payment gateway enables payment acceptance and processing in various global currencies and payment methods all other the world according to the merchant’s needs.


The Virtual Terminal is an important business tool for the merchants that process transactions over the phone or offline anytime, anywhere. The virtual terminal, in our system is named Virtual Payments, is easily accessible from any computer through the web-based merchant account. A sale transaction can be easily processed by manually entering the credit card details in a special form.